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Career Development Events

Dairy Cattle Judging - Coach Justin DiIorio
During this event, team members complete a written exam, evaluate dairy cattle on physical characteristics and analyze cows based on pedigree and herd record.  Teams consist of three or four members and the top three scores are compiled for team results.

Floriculture - Coach Kaitlynn Barkley
Classroom knowledge and skills are applied as students identify and evaluate cut flowers, house plants, flowering plants, floral designs and complete an exam that tests their knowledge of floral design, propagation as well as preparation of floral and foliage products for sale.
Homesite Evaluation - Coach Chase LeBlanc
It has long been said that soil is our most basic natural resource. Not only agriculture, but also life on earth is dependent upon the wise use of soil. The Homesite Evaluation Career Development Event introduces students to nonagronomic use of land included, but not limited to, the suitability of various types of land for building sites, home sanitation systems, impoundment structures, lawns, and other construction considerations. 
Land Evaluation - Coach Chase LeBlanc
It has been said that the soil is out most basic natural resource. Not only agriculture, but all life on Earth is dependent upon the wise use of soil. The Land Career Development Event introduces students to factors involved in the stewardship of soil, which include soil texture, permeability, total depth, percent slope, prior erosion loss, and how quickly surface water moves across the landscape. Students use these factors to determine Land Class, and to recommend certain land management and conservation practices to ensure the sustained productivity of agricultural sites.

Livestock Evaluation - Coach Ralph Stokley
Beef cattle, sheep and swine are evaluated for market values and desirable physical traits.  Team members also rank livestock for breeding purposes, using observed physical characteristics and performance data.

Meats Evaluation - Coach Ralph Stokley
Students develop skills for careers in the meat animal industry as they complete a written exam; evaluate beef carcasses for quality and yield grade; identify various meat cuts, place beef, lamb and pork carcasses, and place wholesale and/or retail cuts.

Poultry Evaluation - Coach Chase LeBlanc/David Laird
Students apply classroom knowledge to evaluate production, processing, marketing and consumption of chickens, turkeys, processed products and eggs. Participants complete a written exam, solve a management problem, evaluate animals and products, as well as identify various poultry products.

Veterinary Science - Coach Kaitlynn Barkley
Students working in teams demonstrate their technical competency with small and large animals by completing a written exam, critical-thinking scenario questions, identifications and hands-on practicums.

Wool/Mohair - Coach Ralph Stokley
Members within a team each evaluate fleeces for fineness, length and yield, rank fleeces within a group and give reasons for their placing of those classes. Contestants must be very familiar with all grading standards and evaluation techniques because no measuring devices are to be used during the contest.



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