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Option 1: On our FFA website I have created a fundraiser tab that has a copy of the brochure that you can print off just in case some of your customers do not have internet access.  For the customers that do not have internet access you will take their order down on your brochure and either take cash or check from them the check needs to be made out to Waller FFA. Once you have made all of your sales you will take all of your orders that are on your brochure and enter them on your app. You will find the link to the student app on our website under the fundraiser tab as well.  Once you click on the link you will put Texas for the state and put in your access code which if you did not receive from Mrs. Jackson during school because you are not going to school in person you can email Mrs. Jackson or myself to get your access code. 

Option 2:The other way you can make sales is have people go to our FFA website they will first need to sign in on our website by clicking on sign-in which is right next to register, they will then click on parent, student or sub-user they will then enter a username and a password.  The username is wallerffa all lowercase, the password is 2020. Once they sign in they will click on the fundraiser tab and select   Meat Cookie G&M Christmas Fundraiser. This will take them to a page where they can place their order. They can make a selection by choosing what they would like to buy and adding that item to the cart. Once they have added everything that they would like to the cart they will then click on the cart on the top right corner of that page.  If their order is correct they will then click on checkout.  On this page they will enter all of their information towards the bottom of the page, they will see a drop-down that has student right beside it.  In the drop down they will find the name of the student of which they would like to buy their items from.  A quick way to find the students name is to type in their last name if there are multiple students with the same last name they will see the first three letters of their first name beside it.  Once they have selected the student they are buying from.  They will click on Save & Continue to Payment.  This will take them to a page where they will make their payment.  They will click on Pay with Card where they will enter their email and credit card information then click pay to submit their order. 


The start date is tomorrow 9/25 ending date is Friday 10/16 so all orders need to either be submitted by the due date.  For all the orders that you collected cash or checks for you will need to get with Mrs. Jackson or myself to schedule a time to give us the money.  It is important that all orders will be placed online this year either off of our website page or the student app, no brochures will be turned in this year but please keep your brochures so you know where those items need to go or if there is an issue later on.  Remember if you are showing at the Waller Ag. Show you are required to sell at least $250 of product or do a $250 buy out. 


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